Gourmet Coffee – Tips on How to Brew Coffee the Right Way

8Brewing coffee is the last stage in the presentation of aromatic coffee, be it at you breakfast, lunch or after dinner. That said, coffee origins, harvesting time, roasting and packaging all have a great part to play before you can start brewing it. Here today, we shall share some key tips on how to brew coffee the correct way, to optimize and even heighten your coffee drinking experience.

First stop is your roaster. The root of brewing fresh coffee starts at the gourmet coffee beans. And coffee bean roasters know that their coffees provide the freshest and most satisfying sensation when consumed within 24 hours right after they are roasted. So insist on the ability to buy coffee beans direct from the roasters, preferably to be delivered within 24 hours after roasting. Coffee clubs, online or offline, would provide such a service, with some even covering the freight charges.

Only insist on gourmet coffee beans and not grounds as grounds degrade since exposure to air, light and humidity during the grinding process. This could affect the body, aroma and flavor. Grind on demand only and use immediately. Make sure that the ground is exactly the right size, not too fine and not too coarse, as the former might cause bitterness while the latter, flatness.

Keep the brewing temperature at 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit and if you should drink your coffee later, keep at 180 degree Fahrenheit and not later than ten minutes. Brewed coffee should be consumed immediately straight from the machine. When serving, ensure that you have warmed up your mugs to maintain consistency of the temperature of the mug and coffee.

Two greatest taboos when brewing coffee is to reuse your coffee grounds on a second drip. As second brew grounds will give bitter taste, you should never use a ground a second time. Another taboo that a lot of people did not know but commit all the time is to reheat their coffee. And the most appalling thing you could do is to keep the coffee boiler heated throughout, up until your coffee gives a sour acidic smell. That is the worst taboo ever.

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