The Benefits of Grinding Your Own Coffee

6Let’s talk about the advantages of grinding your own coffee fresh every time you brew. The single most important advantage is the result that the freshly roasted, freshly ground coffee has on your stomach acid production. If this were the only advantage of grinding your coffee beans fresh, the effort and expense of a burr grinder would be well worth it. There are several benefits to grinding your own coffee besides keeping stomach acid production at a minimum, and I will take you there, today. After reading this article, you will be equipped with COFFEE SENSE knowledge to share with your friends and family regarding the effects of freshly ground, freshly brewed coffee on the human body.

First we will start with the advantages freshly roasted, excellent quality, gourmet coffee beans have on the human senses. Serious coffee drinkers from around the world prefer their coffee beans freshly roasted and ground in a burr grinder to preserve the flavor, antioxidants, flavonoids, and freshness of the little brown bean we know as coffee. Coffee lovers know that the biggest advantage of the freshly ground coffee bean begins with the sudden burst of sensuous aroma that emerges even before the coffee is brewed. The fresh ground coffee aroma is wonderful, and awakens the senses to anticipation of that first cup. Let’s move on to the second reason.

Next, we will discuss the over production of stomach acid and the actual health benefits of coffee that has been freshly ground. In some human systems, the stomach will secret excess stomach acid. There is a whole physiology to the over production of stomach acid, however to keep this discussion simple we will just focus on the benefits of fresh ground coffee. If you are a natural acid producer, you well know that you have to watch your diet for foods and drinks that cause you problems. That’s the bottom line. Stomach acid producers pump out excess acid like an artisan well. They run the risk of major health problems in the future, such as Barrett’s Syndrome, a precancerous condition in the esophagus resulting from gastrointestinal reflux disease “GERD”. GERD is the angry stomach acting like an active volcano in full thrust. Freshly ground coffee beans added to the daily regimen can assist in keeping stomach acid at a minimum. Acid producers can enjoy their coffee after all.

Coffee that has been freshly ground has a tenancy to produce less excess stomach acid than it’s counterpart, coffee that has been ground months ago and set on a shelf in the grocery store. Kona coffee is the lowest in acidity related to where it is grown, and is the best coffee you can buy for reducing the chance of developing excess stomach acid. However, most coffee that has been freshly roasted and freshly ground will be less apt to cause the over production of nasty excess stomach acid…the natural make-up of the coffee bean is naturally chemically preserved. Nature knows best!

The burr grinder is the best and most nutrient-preserving way to prepare your coffee beans for brewing. Grinding your fresh roasted coffee beans crushes the coffee bean instead of chopping the bean. Crushing the coffee beans retains full flavor, reduces fines in the cup, and does not destroy the precious nutrients. Coffee that has been freshly ground will remain fresh for up to 4 hours with minimal acid build-up, and is perfect for making cold latte’s and iced coffee drinks. Plants enjoy freshly ground coffee left-overs and thrive on the nutrients left in the residue.

The pure enjoyment of grinding one’s own coffee should be enough to convince a person it is the Cadillac of the coffee world. The bonus of grinding your own coffee beans fresh is the lowest production of stomach acid achievable. The gift of grinding your own coffee fresh is knowing you have achieved excellence in your decision to take care of your health. An informed consumer is always a happier consumer.

Enjoy the pure pleasure of fresh ground coffee every day! Each day is a gift. Make it wonderful!

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